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Everyone Loves Our Subs! Features a mix of our AUTHENTIC Italian Subs with House Garnish sliced into 3” sections, two per person (traditional “half-sub”). Delicious & Pleasing! Dills, Carrots & Olives complete the impressive look. New Sizes! impressive.

Sm: 20, 3" sandwiches
Serves 10 people – $75

Med: 30, 3" sandwiches
Serves 15 people – $98

Lrg: 40, 3" sandwiches
Serves 20 people – $1325



Need it quick, need it small, but need it perfect? Here it is. An assortment of 8 club style sandwiches, on thick Rye, Wheat and Sour Dough breads, garnished with lettuce, tomato, onion, half finished with mustard, half w/mayo, then cut and tastefully displayed on a small round tray with carrot sticks, olives and dill spears.

We can do this one on
SHORT NOTICE!        $60



This beautifully arranged tray features all the Premium ITALIAN sliced meats,, Prosciutto, Salami, Capacollo, and Pepperoni, with Provolone Cheese. You’ll find Roasted Red Peppers and Hot Pepper Rings for toppers. A tasty bowl of Garlic/Oil Olives, Tomato, Onion and Lettuce is furnished. Comes with two loaves of Italian Bread.

Serves 15 people – $100


Cheese Appetizer

Don’t go without the cheese! A bountiful and beautiful selection of cubed cheese with wedges of spicy pepperoni and salami. (Colby, Swiss, Pepperjack, Muenster, Provolone, Cheddar, American) A great addition for the cheese lover, every party has a cheese tray and it combo's great with any other tray

Small 10-12 people – $40

Medium 20-25 people – $80

Large 35-40 people – $120


Fresh Vegetable Appetizer*

The perfect accompaniment to any party display. The "Veggie Tray"! Fresh, crispy garden vegetable selection in a beautiful exhibit around a bowl of our delicious house dill dip. Everyone loves nibbling on veggies!

Serves 10+ people – $25
Serves 20+ people – $35
Serves 35+ people – $50


Italian Style Fresh Salad

Fresh, Beautiful and Scrumptious! Our popular salad mix of fresh, crispy Romaine, Iceberg and Radicchio with all the ingredients! Choose from House Virgin Olive Oil & Wine Vinegar w/ herbs, Peppercorn Parmesan, Zesty Italian, Hickory Vinaigrette or 1000 Island.

Serves 12-15 people – $35

Party Sides

New Yory Style Cheescake

Our rich and creamy Cheesecake is the A-Bomb! By the whole pie only.

14 Big Slices – $45

Order Early – can take up to 4 days

Grandma's Tangy Cole Slaw, Harold's Macaroni Salad, or Grand Slam Potato Salad

1lb Serves 4 approx. – $6.00

Single Tossed Salad


The Deli’s
Hot Pepper Rings

Pint $3.00

Crispy Pickle Spears

25¢ each

Sienna Bakery Cookies

Finish it off with a platter of soft, pleasing cookies. We always have a delicious cookie available. Check for current flavor!

Each – 95¢

Potato Chips
Jumbo 20oz – $4.50

Bottled Water
Case of 35 – $15
Each 1.00

Plates, Napkins & Utensils
Each (per person) – 35¢

*Subject to availability, may need further advance notice. Other flavor types available.


Guidelines for Ordering

Please, order well enough in advance, we suggest 48 hours. We cannot assure availability of all items upon any shorter notice. Our Bakery supplier has us on a three day advanced ordering system. In other words, poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on our part.

Please avoid placing tray orders during restaurant’s peek time – the lunch hours, we want to give you time.

Although we cannot predict the appetites of your guests, rest assured that all our trays will give you an abundance of food. All items are prepared to the highest standards.

Consider appetites of your guests, count children as half portion, teenagers and young adults and male adults may consume extra.

Other foods being served will usually stretch the consumption of our trays.

Notify us of any special dietary needs, we can increase amounts of non-meat items or offer other suggestions.

All items prepared by senior staff.

$3 deposit on metal trays and bowls – Return clean and usable for full refund.

Please be advised:
15% Rush Fee may be applied to orders that require last minute shopping and scheduling changes.

Please understand, our restaurant is our main focus and therefore, we must produce items on this menu around or before our daily tasks and food preparation. This is why we appreciate greatly the customer that gives us plenty of lead time. High Quality takes time, planning and preparation.

We offer a 5% discount for cash or check.

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