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For all our valued customers, please understand that everything works smoother with advance planning. Try to order Party Fare items or Box Lunches a minimum of 2 days in advance — longer if possible. We may be able to complete the order with short notice but, do to many factors, we may not. PLAY IT SAFE — ORDER EARLY.

Please understand, our restaurant is our main focus and therefore, we must produce items on this menu around our daily tasks. This is why we appreciate greatly the customer that gives us plenty of lead time – (a RUSH Fee may apply). Quality takes time and preparation.

*This selection uses items that may not be in inventory. Please call for availability. We need a minimum 48 hour notice.

There is a $3 deposit on metal trays and serving bowls. Return clean and usable for a full refund.

Mr. Thrifty*

Big stacks of sliced and folded Smoked Ham and Turkey Breast, along with piles of your choice of two cheeses, all separated by slices of Salami, tastefully arranged on a beds of leaf lettuce, with tomato and dill slices a center bowl of potato salad. Includes mustard and mayo, 3 pounds of Potato Salad and 2 dz. Kaiser Rolls!

Serves 12-15 people – $90



Petite sandwiches featuring Smoked Ham & Swiss and Turkey Breast & Colby cheese on a "Chubby" dinner roll (Honey Wheat & Italian), each with lettuce and tomato. Stacked elegantly for perfect presentation. Garnished with carrot sticks and olives. Mustard and mayonnaise furnished. Two sandwiches per person. A Favorite!

Micro: 6 people – $35

Small: 12 people – $65

Medium: 18 people – $95

Large: 24 people – $130


Chubby Ultimate*

Take the same popular “CHUBBY” tray, but give your guests more variety! Will include an equal amount of Roast Beef, Pepperoni, Corned Beef, Proscuitto, Hard Salami , Tuna, Turkey Breast and Smoked Ham and Cheese of course.

Micro: 6 people – $40

Small: 12 people – $70

Med: 18 people – $110

Large: 24 people – $140


The Polaris (4' Sub)*

Make sure you know how to get this monster sub home! Stacks of Smoked Ham, tasty Hard Salami and mild Provolone cheese as well as our standard house Italian submarine garnish of lettuce, tomato, onion, peppers, olive oil, wine vinegar and seasonings. This one weighs in at almost 15 pounds! WOW!

Serves 20-25 people – $85

Split – $90 (half Turkey Breast & Provolone…or half All Cheese)

All Turkey Breast
& Provolone – $95

The Ring*

It's in the ROUND! An 18" Circular Italian Roll holding our favorite combination of Capocollo, Salami, Ham and Provolone aith leafy lettuce, tomato, onion and a splash of our House Olive Oil & Vinegar. And a center bowl of Potato Salad.

Serves 12-16 people – $90


Elegant Standard*

Traditional! The finest of tasty Deli meats and cheeses prepared to perfection for the utmost in appearance. Roast Beef, Turkey, Corned Beef, Ham, Salami, and 2 Cheeses. Includes tomato, onion, dills, mustard and mayonnaise. (with breads)

Small: 10-12 people – $70
Medium: 15-18 people – $105
Large: 20-25 people – $145


Upper Deck*

A tantalizing treat for the palate! Sandwiches featuring Ham, Turkey Breast, Swiss & Colby – with Tomato, Lettuce, Dills, Onion, Mustard & Mayo, folded into a soft steak roll then halfed, creating a tasty "Stuffed Sandwich." It's beautiful too!

Small: 24 sandwiches
Serves 12-14+ people – $72
Medium: 36 sandwiches
Serves 18-20+ people – $108
Large: 48 sandwiches
Serves 24-30+ people – $144


Sandwich Spree*

Aneye tempting, mouth watering selection of cut petite “club” sandwiches stacked high on levels of leaf lettuce. Prepared on rye, wheat, Italian, pumpernickel & Bagels, using all meats, each with a unique garnish for great individual flavor. Tray adorned with carrot sticks, dill spears, olives and pepperoncini. MAGNIFICENT! Our most desired tray. 4 filling half sandwiches per person! New Sizes!

Sm: 40 1/2 sandwiches
Serves 10-15 people – $80
Lg: 60 1/2 sandwiches
Serves 20-30 people – $120



As elegant & refined as an old Ferrari! You can't error with this full tray of 48 delicious triple layered then quartered finger sandwiches featuring tuna, chicken, crabmeat and ham salads. Prepared on Rye, Wheat, Italian and Pumpernickel breads. Perfect garnishes complete the true CLASSIC appearance. A Certain Guest Pleaser.

Serves 12-16 people – $60

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